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Plate Number - B9A8DB in AZ

Vehicle: Nissan
Color: Black
City: Phoenix
Violation: Reckless Driving
Reported on: 05.03.21
Discription of Events: This fool was delivering furniture in 100 degree arizona heat, and while doing so was road raging and targeting completely innocent and random drivers. Probably not educated, hence the manual labor and crappy truck, which would explain his inability to remain emotionally in control of his vehicle while out and about in public. He has been paid crappy wages his whole life and treated like scum, so now he takes it upon himself to unleash his anger on random people instead of being nice, maintaining positive relationships and educating himself. I watched this guy changes lanes over 25 times in a 3 mile stretch. That is NOT an over exaggeration. He then brake cut me off and brake checked me on the highway going full speeds in rush hour traffic. After he did that I was like "man I want this guy to babysit my kids on the weekend, how do I get ahold of him?"