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Plate Number - 4348AW4 in AL

Vehicle: GMC
Color: White
City: Tuscaloosa
Violation: Reckless Driving
Reported on: 07.07.17
Discription of Events: While driving down University Boulevard, spotted this vehicle. The four passengers were smoking and appeared to clearly be under the influence in some way. The young boys each proceeded to throw large chunks of ice at other drivers on the road. They didn't seem to be aiming at anyone in particular, they were just recklessly throwing ice at innocent drivers. Also, this was at 5:00pm, meaning these kids were dumb enough to do this on a 3-lane highway, in broad daylight. Judging by the amount of appalled drivers who also witnessed this, I can imagine at least about 10 of them had enough time and enough of a clear view of their tag to snag a picture of the vehicle.