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About License Plate Reports

Welcome to License Plate Reports. This site was previously located at pass-me-on.net. I have taken the liberity to move this part of pass-me-on.net to its own entity because I feel there is an awareness that needs to brough to the attention of every day drivers. My first motavation came with the carless driving people have when they have a cell phone in their hand and their face is in their lap trying to text, instead of on the road.

How many times to you see people swerving on the road? 5 years ago you would have said "That person has probably been drinking" Now a days you pass them and see that they are texting on their phone. This has been on ongoing issue and in many states, 35 to be exact, have some type of law that will ban texting while driving. Cell Phone and Texting Laws This is a great website that outlines the lasw govern by each state.

This website was created to publicly announce bad driving habits that you see on a daily basis. A place to vent, because we all know about road rage. We want a place where you can advise other drivers to be aware of what is going on. Who to avoid. License Plate Reports puts you in control of the road where driving should be safe.

Don't try and report somone to this site while driving. If you are riding with someone have them write down the information, be as accurate as possible on what happened. The make, and color of the car. Where you were and most importantly what happened. Please don't try and take matters into your own hands. That is what the police are for. A place for you to vent and share your storeies is what this site is for.

We thank you for taking time to visit our site and we hope you will share it with your friends. Visit us on Facebook at License Plate Reports and on Twitter at @ReportPlates